A holding page is a teaser page describing your brand. You can put a holding page online whilst your website is in development. Follow these steps and take full advantage of the capabilities a holding page can have.

1. Establish yourself on the web


Creating a holding page is a great way to start establishing interest in your website. It gives you somewhere to direct interested journalists and potential customers.

2. Convey your brand


Be sure to show great imagery and identify your company in a short pitch. Having a singular page to express the brand forces you to refine your proposition, which in itself is a useful exercise, particularly for a new brand.

3. Gather email addresses


Email addresses are crucial in ecommerce, begin building your list by offering an incentive to sign up. With a potential email subscriber list already growing, you have a database of potential customers ready to email when your website goes live.

4. Be social


Create links to your social media profiles, use this as an alternative route for potential customers to find out more about your brand so that you can begin gathering followers.

5. Prepare Google


Google often takes a while to index new websites so having a holding page makes sure your page is already indexed by Google on the day you launch.

Get something online early

A holding page doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be put online early on. A good photograph, short brand intro and mailing list sign up form is all you need. The benefits are clear.

Don’t miss out on this great chance to start growing your audience.