Apple Watch – 10 Features That We Like

Whenever Apple launches a new product, they never fail to surprise the public with their innovation and disruptive technology. Although the Apple Watch is yet to be made available in many countries (Check here for the list of countries that sells the Apple Watch – https://www.apple.com/pr/library/2015/03/09Apple-Watch-Available-in-Nine-Countries-on-April-24.html) , WWDC 2015 has announced to the world the second phase of enhancements to Apple’s latest product. Here are 10 features of the Apple Watch that we really like:


New Faces: 

The new face of the Apple Watch is attractive yet intuitive. You can select photos from an entire photo album and you’ll see a new picture every time you glance at the watch. Apple is also making some cool time-lapse animations of major cities that change based on the time of day.



In the next version of Apple Watch, you are able to display more than just time on the watch interface. Some examples would include your flight itinerary, your appointments and your other IoTs status updates. These other items are classified as “complications” in the new Apple Watch.


Time Travel: 

This is indeed the highlight during the demonstration at WWDC 2015. In WatchOS2, just by spinning the digital crown backwards and forwards, your complications will show you information which are relevant to whatever hour of the day you’ve zipped to. Want to know where you should be in 6 hours time but don’t want to open up your calendar? This feature is pretty awesome for you.


Change Settings with the Crown:

For future Apple Watch Developers, you can now allow your users to change the settings in your application through the digital crown. Extremely useful for IoTs application.



This is functional feature which can replace your typical alarm clock. When your watch is charging on your bed-side table, you can now flip it on its side and still view the time—the clock rotates 90 degrees to make it easier to read. Also, when in this mode, the watch will wake you up with a gentle alarm sound as the clock changes color and pulses. Time to bid goodbye to all those fancy digital alarm clocks?


Communicate with Friends: 

Soon you will be able to sort your list of friends into various groups and each is identified by its initial or their little profile pictures. The contacts can be accessed easily from the face of the watch and each group can hold dozens of contacts.


Reply to Mail

Because what you really need is more ways to answer email, the next version of watchOS will let you reply to emails directly on the watch face. Of course, you can instantly trash emails from the watch as well, which might be the best feature of this new interaction. How to reply? Well that’s the purpose of Siri. 


Facetime Calls:

Support for FaceTime Audio calls is coming to watchOS 2. The next time you get pinged over Apple’s native VoIP service, you’ll see it on your watch with the option to answer, just like a regular phone call. 



With all of the enhancements to Apple Maps on OS X and iOS 9, it’s only natural the Watch gets some additional maps mojo too. Any transit directions you look up on your phone can be sent to the watch, which will guide you by tapping your wrist, and you can initiate new directions by asking Siri through the watch. However, not so sure how this is super helpful considering phone application’s map is more advanced than the watch. Also, most probably , not going to be very useful in Singapore.


Automatic connection to wireless hotspot:

When wearable devices first launched in the market, one of the greatest concern is the ability to sustain its battery life since most work with Bluetooth technology which consumes alot of battery. With this automatic connection to wireless hotspot, you won’t have to worry about battery life since it does not consume battery if it is connected at home or at your office.

So that’s the top 10 features we like from WWDC 2015. Let us know below if you think there are some other features that we miss.

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