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Mobile Application Development

Encouraging Drivers to Stay Focused While Driving On The Road

We created a mobile application on Android device for Handset maker Samsung which helps drivers to focus on the road. When a user has downloaded the application, the application will automatically block all calls and SMS from the user’s mobile so that he/she can concentrate on driving on the road. The caller or the person that sends the SMS will receive an automatic reply from the user’s cellphone to indicate that the user is behind the wheel and is unable to attend to their calls or SMS. These conditions are activated when the user is travelling above 20km/hour. When the user is travelling below 20km/hr, the cell phone functions as per normal.
To incentivise users from using the app when they are driving, users can win Shell gas vouchers and insurance premium discounts. The application is also endorsed by the Traffic Police and Singapore Road Safety Council.

Deciding a User’s Speed Using GSM Cell Tower Location Tracking

The app uses the users sensor fusion technology and GSM cell towers to measure the user’s speed to determine if they are driving. We take the location of the user at intervals of 5-10 seconds and then we divide the distance by the time interval to get the user’s speed.

If the user is driving, it hides phone calls, SMS text messages, and social media alerts until he reaches the destination. The user would then just simply need to open up the application and deactivate the Drive Safe mode to read the phone notifications.

Raising Awareness on Road Safety

The purpose of this campaign is to increase awareness on not using your phone while driving. A recent survey in Singapore showed that more than eight out of ten drivers admitted using their phones without a hands-free kit while driving. Hopefully, in through this campaign, Singaporean drivers will be more aware of the benefits of not being too engaged with their mobile phones and keeping their safety on the road as the priority.

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