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Macallan’s whiskey products have always enjoyed great popularity in their market, however, Edrington (parent company of Macallan) was looking to boost product sales further. After looking deeper into their sales channels, they realised that they were lacking in the online market. This could potentially cause the company to lose out in a great amount of revenue because many of their competitors have moved on to use eCommerce as one of their sales channels. Not having an online store would disqualify them from this online ‘revenue race’ automatically.


Edrington decided to test the waters of the online market by first implementing an online rewards redemption programme. Customers will purchase a whiskey item from a physical store and then use a unique code tagged to that particular item to redeem online rewards points. These rewards points will act as cash where they can use to exchange for goods on the online store.

This allows Macallan to start slowly and cautiously when proceeding into this unknown market. They are able to use the online redemption programme as a simulation to test for user’s sentiments of Macallan having an online eCommerce platform. It also presents them with a campaign to increase physical store sales of their products.

Edrington approached Akimi Technologies to present them with the best way they are able to implement this digital campaign.

Our Strategy

First, Akimi Technologies met with representatives from Edrington to properly understand the needs of the campaign, and to uncover what they wanted to achieve from implementing such a system. Then, we were careful to ask about any guidelines that their brand had to follow. Sure enough, there were certain limits to the design elements and technical implementations.

After understanding that Macallan wanted to test if an online eCommerce market would be successfully received by the market, Akimi aimed to create a site that would allow the campaign to transition smoothly into an eCommerce store, if they wished to proceed.

What We Did

top-itemsAkimi first understood from the client their site requirements, then discussed in detail their style guide. We created a design mockup for their homepage, and after approval, we moved on to design the remaining pages. After all the designs were approved, we then continued into the web development phase. After the site was developed, we proceeded into a phase of testing to ensure that there are no design flaws or functionality errors. This step by step process allows us to have a clear roadmap of how the project is proceeding, which makes the web development process a breeze for the client.

Services Provided

Overall Project Management and Maintenance During Campaign

Website Development and Maintenance

Website Design & User Experience

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