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Getting Started

When does my project start?

Your Product Manager will schedule a kickoff call with you shortly after you pay your deposit. By the time your kickoff call happens, your PM will have constructed a team that is ready to start your project immediately.

Will I have to mange the development team when they start?

You won’t. Akimi handles all project management for you. Our experienced Project Managers will work with your team and will make sure that we deliver a beautiful product every time.

Why should I outsource web development services?

There are a number of good reasons to outsource software development regardless if you are a startup, SME or large organization. Here are a few:

    • Your core competency, which you’re amazing at, is not software development.
    • You’re planning on hiring developers but you don’t know what to look out for.
    • You want to cheaply validate a concept before you make a larger investment.
    • The company you’re using to outsource has a fantastic track record and is going to do a great job with your product.
    • It’s cheaper to outsource than to have your in-house developers build your product.
    • Its better to leave things to the expert.

What makes Akimi so great?

There are many web development out there but we focus on the 3 things that will keep us different:

    1. Client Success – Aim to make products that help client in their business and generate revenue. Helping customers helps us.
    1. Process – We constantly aim to improve our internal process so that we can turn more projects in a shorter time at a competitive cost
    1. Suite of services – We have a wide range of services from web design, SEO, Maintenance and even business process optimisation using Salesforce software.

Project Quotes

Will there be a dedicated Project Manager assigned to my project?

Yes there will be a dedicated Project Manager assigned to your project. This person will not be coding or designing, thus, he/she can fully focus on managing the project flow to ensure a smooth sailing project.

How did you put a proposal together so quickly?

We’ve seen enough projects that we can tell what yours should cost after a short conversation. Our quotes are real and 100% guaranteed. If we underestimate and lose money on your project, that’s on us. More importantly, we focus on our core competency in creating corporate and ecommerce websites and that give us the experience to consistently produce good quality work for you.

Do you really understand what I want?

Take a look at our work and How We Work page – http://akimitechnologies.co/howwework/. You should be able to find something similar. If you don’t find something similar, then, we are most probably not the right person to work with.

Developers / Designers

How good are your developers and designers?

We go to great lengths to find & recruit the most suitable developers/designers in Singapore and Indonesia. Akimi Technologies was actually started by developers and hence we are developers at heart . We always believe in only doing work that we are proud of so that we can show off to the next prospect or other clients. I guess that requires a certain standard of skill and professionalism.

Can you connect me directly with your developers and designers?

We apologise, we don’t do that. The reason is simple. We have Project Managers who act as intermediary between you and our team. In general, designers and developers would prefer not to be client facing. These are not sales people.

Furthermore, unless you are in the same line of work, it is going to be difficult to communicate the technical terms to the designer and developers. (and the same for them to communicate their ideas/thoughts to you as a client)  This is often the reason why projects collapse in terms of communication.

Exactly which designer or developers would be working on my project?

We can’t tell you exactly who at the time of quotation. The reason is that we do not know when you are going to sign the deal and make the downpayment. =) Thus, it becomes difficult for us to plan in advance who to allocate.

However, our key difference is that we build processes within the company, that means that the final output for your project would be similar to what you see in our portfolio.


You sound too good to be true. How can you do it this cheap?

We build processes within the company and your projects seems very close to what we have done. Thus, with experience and skills, we can turn around in a shorter amount of time.

Agencies and development shops have a lot of overhead and are fundamentally lifestyle businesses. This means that our focus is on profits.  We would rather do a good job to earn a referral from you than take a huge margin!

This is outside my budget. Are you really worth the cost?

Sometimes developer marketplaces/other companies can beat our pricing with less experienced talent. We’ve seen from personal experience & heard from many of our customers that these projects often go poorly. We often receive request to take over work done poorly by others and we often reject them.

As is the case with most major buying decisions, you get what you pay for.

What’s your hourly or day rate charges?

We used to have that and we can tell you the rate if you drop us a call or email. However, over our experiences, we realised that doesn’t mean much to a client as they always look at the overall price.

How fast can we finish the project?

It depends on the type and complexity of the project. Most standard apps and websites can be built in 2-3 months. However, rest assured that since our pricing model is fixed price, we aim to finish the project as fast as possible.


What kind of design work do you do?

We do mainly websites and mobile application design. Our designers are trained to design in a particular feel and style that is illustrated in our portfolios.

As for design changes, we usually want to work towards a good product so we allow changes within reason to be made to each project.

I have a design, can you just do coding?

We will have to evaluate on a case by case basis. Send us an email and we can chat about it.

Case Studies

Who are some of your clients?

Akimi works with clients of all shapes and sizes, from single-person startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Our clients span a range of industries, including healthcare, ecommerce, and advertising. Head over to our Case Studies section in order to see some of the projects we’ve built for clients. We have also listed the type of clients on our homepage.

I love what you’re doing! Can I be featured on your Case Studies page?

Sure! No problem. Do a project with us and we will put up your project on our website.

My project is not similar to your Case Studies or Portfolio?

We can’t possibly cover everything. We do have other portfolios that we did not upload. Drop us a call or email so we can at least be in touch to discuss further.


What happens when we start the project?

As soon as you start your project, we get to work allocating the right Project Manager for your needs. Once we’ve found the Project Manager, they will be in touch with us to kick off the project in the design phase.

Do you handover the source code once the project is over?

After we’ve finished building your project, we’ll do a final pass to make sure that everything is polished and high quality. Your PM will then send you your completed deliverable, whether that’s designs or a zip file containing your project’s code. Just because a project is complete doesn’t mean our relationship is over- we encourage you to reach out to us as you scale your project and need additional feature development. One of the most common thing to do is to sign up with our maintenance package such that we can help you with your website in the future.

How often will I receive update?

It really depends on your project. Some projects, we don’t even have meetings and some projects we have multiple meetings.

In general, your PM will schedule a weekly call with you to ensure that your project is on track and will send you updates via email at least once a week. Your PM will also send you work to review at the end of every milestone. It’s important that you review milestones promptly in order to keep your project on schedule.


What if half way through the project, I have additional requirements?

For out of scope requirements, we usually do it on a case by case basis. The rate is usually $500/man day. We try to stick as closely as possible to the contract so that we will have a happy working relationship.

What constitutes a bug?

A bug is any functionality in your product that does not work as specified in your project proposal. Akimi is committed to building you an incredibly high quality product, and part of that means making sure that your product has as few bugs as possible. Revisions to intended functionality and feature additions do not qualify as bugs but can be handled through Akimi’s revision process.

Examples of bugs:

  • Information that is intended to be saved on your server is lost
  • A part of your product that should be available for all users is only accessible by some users
  • A page consistently lags when you scroll it or interact with elements on the page
  • A screen in an app displays properly on an iPhone 6 but not on an iPhone 5

Examples of changes that do not qualify as bugs:

  • Addition of profile pictures to user profiles when the initial spec did not include pictures
  • Layout changes for the home screen of the product
  • Simplifying a photo posting flow based on user feedback

What is a revision?

While you’re using your product, you may find that there are parts of your product that you would like to change or make additions to. We’re happy to perform revisions to work that is part of the initial project scope, but we need to limit revisions in order to guarantee that projects are delivered in a timely fashion. Work that is not part of the initial scope of a project may require additional payment for Akimi to deliver it.

Examples of revisions:

  • Adding new filter criteria to a list of items
  • Storing additional user data for users who have logged in via Facebook
  • Changing the layout of a profile page

Will you go out of business half way through the project?

We are a cashflow positive company and we have done more than 150 projects with reputable clients. You can be rest assured that we won’t close down so quickly.

Furthermore, if you pay us on time, then the chances is greatly reduced.


How can I be sure my project is kept confidential?

We only show your project’s details to our staff that work on it; these staff are under a strict NDA within the company. Every precaution is taken to keep our clients information secure.

Do you sign NDA?

Yes, we can sign NDAs.