Must-have apps for Small Business owners

There are millions of applications in the world today – just take a look at Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play Store, and not to mention the apps from the Windows store. For a business owner, this can be heaven or hell. You can either be swamped by the multitude of applications, cluttering your business approach and decreasing productivity, or if you choose the right applications, you can be rewarded with increased productivity in the long run. Check out some applications that small business owners should never miss!

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1. Evernote (iOS, Android, Windows)

Evernote is the ultimate note-taking application that nobody should give a miss, even if you are not a business owner. The application allows users to take notes, store photos, audio files, clippings of web pages and many different document files. Users can also create to-do lists and reminders for notes so that nothing will be forgotten any longer. Evernote has curated a simple and uncluttered design and has made their application seamless over different user interfaces – iOS, Android and Windows to better user experience. Evernote comes in 3 different versions – Basic (free), Premium and Business.


2. Dropbox (iOS, Android, Windows)

Dropbox allows users to easily sync files and access them from anywhere. It makes collaboration a breeze because through its file sharing property, multiple users can access work documents as soon as it is synced. Users get 2GB worth of data storage with Dropbox’s free Basic plan, but if you need more, you can always consider an upgrade.


3. Wunderlist (iOS, Android, Windows) 

Wunderlist helps users to manage their to-do lists in the most simplified, efficient and productive manner. Wunderlist has garnered the support of more than 13 million users worldwide and has recently joined Microsoft. Wunderlist allows users to create to-do lists with reminders, group them in folders and also share them with different users. It has a consistently beautiful interface across both mobile and desktop alike. Wunderlist is free for individual users, but should businesses find this useful, they can upgrade to a business account as well which allows teams to keep all their work on one secure platform.


4. Fuze (iOS, Android)

With its beautiful and intuitive interface, Fuze has brought video conferencing to a new level. Boasting High Definition video conferencing, Fuze also allows users to share files and presentations easily and even has an integrated access to Dropbox. With Fuze, users will never miss another meeting as they are able to schedule meetings through Outlook and Google. Fuze comes in 3 versions – Free, Pro and Premium.


5. Addappt (iOS, Android)

Addappt is an application that promises to help users manage their contacts easily. With the default phone book from Apple or Samsung phones, users have to manually update contacts when changes are being made. With Addappt, when a user’s contact information is being changed, real time updates will be made so there will no longer be discrepancies in contact details stored. When used well, this can be immensely useful for small business owners looking to expand their network circle.

So, here are some of our top application picks! Share with us in the comments below about the application that you find most useful to you.

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