Brands Innershine


The Situation

Brands InnerShine is a popular collagen supplement targeted at females aged 14 to 25 years, an extremely digital savvy group. Brands was keen to increase online revenue for this product with a hip, fun and effective marketing campaign.

Our Solution

Akimi Technologies developed an interactive online game where web users could shoot cupids at web elements with their chosen animated characters which were designed in line with Brands’ InnerShine branding. The game was launched during the Valentine’s Day season, an occasion popular among the target group.

The game allowed users to obtain promotional incentives for Brands’ eCommerce store for every level of points obtained. Capitalising on a world of social media interconnectivity, we also incorporated many social media sharing opportunities within the web elements like sign ups and also auto sharing at every milestone of the game, to increase user acquisition, elevate brand presence and multiply online hype.

The Result

Customers were enthusiastic about the interactive online game and quick to bite. The game generated a lot of buzz online which in turn increased user and returning-user volume. Akimi also collaborated with mobile app companies, Love Byte and Between, to broadcast this campaign to the targeted market.

The game was immensely successful and, the multiple objectives to engage with the tech savvy community, to increase consumer satisfaction and to boost online sales were achieved.

Services Provided

  • Overall Project Management and Maintenance During Campaign
  • Website Development and Maintenance
  • Web Design and User Experience
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