The Macallan


The Situation

Macallan’s whiskey products have always enjoyed great popularity in their market. However, its parent company, Edrington, was looking to boost product sales further. After looking deeper into their sales channels, they realised that they were lacking in the online market. This would automatically disqualify them from the race for online revenue as many of their competitors had already jumped on the eCommerce bandwagon.

Edrington decided to test the waters of the online market by first implementing an online rewards redemption programme. Customers would purchase a whiskey item from a brick-and-mortar store and proceed to redeem online rewards points using the unique code tagged to that particular item. These rewards points would be used to exchange for goods on the online store.

This allowed Macallan to proceed slowly and cautiously into the unknown market. They would also be able to use the online redemption programme as a simulation to test users’ sentiments for Macallan’s own online eCommerce platform. It also presented them with a campaign to increase sales of their products in the physical stores.

Edrington was looking for a reliable and competent tech partner to help them achieve their goals. So, they approached Akimi Technologies to present the best way to concretise their idea of taking a step into the digital world.

Our Solution

Akimi Technologies met with representatives from Edrington to fully understand the needs of the campaign, and to uncover what they wanted to achieve from implementing such a system.  We were also careful to enquire about and adhere to corporate guidelines regulating the design elements and technical implementations.

After understanding that Macallan wanted to assess the suitability of an online eCommerce platform, Akimi identified the client’s site requirements and style guide. We created a design mock-up for their homepage, and after approval, moved on to design the remaining pages, and consequently advanced to the web development phase.  A phase of rigorous testing followed to ensure that there were no design flaws or functionality errors.

The Result

Akimi implemented a step-by-step process to crafting the digital platform, which allowed us to have a clear roadmap of the project’s progress. This made the web development process a breeze for our client. We created a scalable site that would allow the option of the campaign transitioning smoothly into a full-blown eCommerce store.

Once the campaign was launched, sales sky-rocketed a whopping 300% month-on-month, prompting the establishment of Macallan’s eCommerce store in Singapore and Malaysia.  The seamless progression from campaign to an online liquor store surpassed Macallan’s expectations.

Services Provided

  • Overall Project Management and Maintenance During Campaign
  • Website Development and Maintenance
  • User Experience and User Interface
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