World Toilet Organisation


The Situation

The World Toilet Organisation, the organiser of the global Urgent Run, was looking to organise their maiden event to coincide with World Toilet Day in November. The idea was to create an online platform for global signups; organisations could sign up to host the run and participants could also register their interest.

Our Solution

As a global event, the challenge was to get the information and participant signs-ups onto a single web portal. We created a user experience that enabled any user worldwide to search and sign up for the event that was closest to them. We built an interactive map on the homepage so they could visit the detailed city page. We also enable the participants to sign up for each event by contacting the organisers directly.

Due to the large scale nature of the event, we developed an easy-to-use admin panel so that the client could update the latest data onto the portal effortlessly. This enabled them to have the latest information online from their various overseas organisers. With the admin panel, they could also manage participant countries/cities and create additional cities if a new organisation wished to partner them. Akimi availed ourselves along the journey to provide quick and reliable technical assistance.

The Result

The web portal acted as a hub for the global event and enjoyed overwhelming success, attracting people with information on UN World Toilet Day, showcasing events taking place around the world, and inspiring supporters to get involved. Over 20 Urgent Run events were organised and runners from more than ten countries around the globe, including India, Germany and Mozambique, registered for the event with ease. Sponsors, event hosts and runners were easily and efficiently engaged on a common web platform; thousands of participants the world over were involved in the event.

Services Provided

  • Overall Project Management and Maintenance During Campaign
  • Website Development and Maintenance
  • Web Design and User Experience
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