Questions to ask when developing your website

You got a fantastic business idea, you got a great product and you may even have your own physical store, ready to sell and welcome customers with open arms. However, how are you going to reach out to them? You can’t possibly to standing at the entrance of your shop waving at everyone to come see your product for 24/7 right? (No, seriously, you can’t). Well, thanks to the World Wide Web, the internet acts as a channel for your customers to come TO YOU with a click of the button. Hurrah!

Now, you face another problem. The internet is enormous and you have zero clue about how to put yourself and your product up online. (This is even trickier for those who are just starting their businesses and have no technical skills) Luckily for us, there are professionals that help you design and set up your online website, taking that huge burden off your shoulders!
Now hold it right there! Before you go to any random design or web agency, you got to check them out first right? I mean nobody in the right mind would spend their hard-earned cash on any agency without finding out if the agency is the perfect one for your business. How are you going to find out if they are ideal?

Here are the vital questions you have to ask:

1. Can I see samples of your work?
This is one of the most important questions to ask a web design agency. When you can see their portfolio of work, you will understand if they suited to you and your company. Take the time to visit some of these websites and test client usability and functionality first hand. Show your family, friends and co-workers examples of their work for feedback.

2. What technologies will you be using on my website?
When it comes to technology, coding, cross platform compatibility and integrated functionalities – many new website owners are completely in the dark.
Good web design agencies will not only walk you through all the technology and processes they are going to employ – they will also take time to explain to you the pros and the cons of using each. That way you will at least have a clear understanding of all the options available.

3. Is the website accessible across devices and browsers?
A responsive website is really crucial if one wants to cater to the many different screens and resolutions. An unresponsiveness website can be frustrating for the user to navigate and in frustration, leave your site even if you have a good product. StatCounter data for Jan 2014 to Jan 2015 clearly shows browser usage is quite fragmented. If the website works only on Chrome, about 55% of desktop users won’t be able to experience it properly.

4. What does their operation look like?
Before getting into a relationship with a company, make sure you go visit their operation and see the people face to face who will be responsible for the success of your project. Talk to the people and find out how do they work and get a vibe from them. A face to face meeting also allow you to present a clearer idea of your product and hence allow a better guide for the agency to work with.

5. How big is the company and what is their structure?
No matter what size company you decide to work with, it’s important that you feel comfortable throughout the process. If the team is too small, you may face delays, expertise constraints, or even company closures. If the team is too large, you may run the risk of getting lost in a bureaucratic system, and lack of personal service or care for your project.

Find out what is the process for website planning and execution. Is it right for your project? Also, check if they have an account manager or that one person that you can contact directly and takes accountability for the success of your project.

6. How do they price their services?
Read your quote fully before embarking on a new web design project. Carefully read the payment terms. Ask for clear timelines and associated milestones. Ensure that your project stays on schedule and is finished on time!

One thing to remember is that the lowest price does not always mean it’s good. You have to realise that there must be a good sum of money invested in your website. Your website is your storefront, display and salesforce. If you are not willing to put in resources, then don’t expect a stream of users and conversions for your site. (Unless a miracle occurs of course)

Well, these are some of the must-ask questions when you are looking to develop your website. However, feel free to always find out more your agency as well as clarify all your doubts first before signing on the dotted line. Some of us are really busy and would choose to use email to ask these queries through email. Although this can still work, we recommend you to always go to your vendor for a consultation. They are the professionals and can definitely give you advice or insights on your next course of action for your website.

Have a website that you want to build? Email or call us for your free consultation today! We promise we won’t bite!

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