Why social media rocks (for businesses)

Today, who doesn’t know what social media is? Probably nobody. Social media has become so prevalent in our lives that many people spend most of their waking moments on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest etc.. When social media was introduced to the world just a few years ago, it encompassed bringing people closer to others around them in their personal lives or to allow people to meet new friends who have similar interests. Today, the time has come for businesses to lift itself onto the next level with social media. Here are some reasons why your company should get cracking and get on social media quick.

1. An avenue for feedback

Social media, with interactivity being its most prominent feature, offers the company’s stakeholders with a platform to give feedback. Feedback, criticism especially, is crucial to a company’s growth and there should always be a feedback channel for companies to understand how customers truly feel. With the ease of receiving feedback, companies should also be careful to couple this with excellent customer service and attempt to rectify any problems faced by their consumers. It is also important to remember the impact negative comments posted on social media sites can have on reputation and potential sales, but it is also much easier to contain and rectify with all these found in one congregated space.

2. Brand recognition

Since many people are on social media, this is one of the cheapest and most effective ways of advertising for businesses. With the rise in popularity of social media sites which make use of imagery such as Instagram, businesses can capture the attention of potential consumers through knowledgeable info-graphics or beautiful product pictures to help increase consumer’s awareness of the brand.

3. Brings the brand closer to the heart of consumers

Thinking from the perspective of a consumer, would you rather give your money to a company with numerous strict inflexible regulations, or would you prefer a company which does everything it can to reach out to you on a personal level and just really connects with you? I’m sure you chose the latter. With many companies offering similar products and services these days, the way to stand out is to make your brand unforgettable through building relationships with consumers and providing them with impeccable service.

4. Is your brand alive?

You’re probably not be able to make updates on your company’s websites daily as you can on social media sites, can you?  These days, by checking out the recency of social media site updates, many customers try to determine if a brand is still relevant and current, or if it has faded into the background. The world today is chock full of new enterprises waiting to take over the standing your business holds today, so be sure to never let consumers have the impression of an unresponsive business, but that of one which is very much alive.

 5. Everyone’s on it

You name it. Everyone and I mean, everyone is on at least one social media site; your consumers, your competitors, your family, your co-workers. Since social media has invaded every part of our lives, why not tap on this great marketing potential and showcase how amazing your products or services are to this huge audience base which is already readily available?

Technology has indeed changed our world, and social media has sure changed it further. Many people look for a personal touch when connecting with businesses and there are no things worse than having poor word of mouth that you are unable to rectify. Social media is one of the most affordable, and yet effective forms of advertisement for businesses. It is imperative that we take hold of trends as soon as possible, so to all business owners, jump on the social media bandwagon.

Let us know in the comments section about your views on how social media can affect your business!

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