National University of Singapore



National University of Singapore was keen to upgrade the overall experience for attendees at their conferences. The main challenge was providing up-to-date information to their attendees.

NUS recognised that attendees had difficulty connecting to the internet during conferences due to the poor WIFI coverage. Also, not only were hardcopy brochures were eco-unfriendly and a hassle to print and distribute, information about the speakers and sessions were greatly limited due to space constraints. Other challenges included the participants’ difficulty in note-taking during seminars and trying to locate speakers during the event.

Our Solution

Akimi Technologies created a mobile application for NUS ClaSic 2014, a conference organised by the University, to enable the attendees to have full conference information at their fingertips. The application sought to enhance the overall experience for attendees and to reduce operational and logistical costs for the organiser to achieve the best balance of cost and value for both parties.


NUS was extremely satisfied with the mobile application we had created. Attendees had no gripes whatsoever about poor internet connectivity as the app bypassed the use of an internet connection. The application acted as a virtual brochure, bringing together all relevant conference information. Attendees were also satisfied with the note-taking feature which allowed them to take notes effortlessly and even email them on-the-spot, if they wanted to. Moreover, attendees connected easily with those they desired to meet prior to the conference.

Services Provided

  • Overall Project Management and Maintenance During Campaign
  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Application Design & User Experience
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