What is WooCommerce?

The term WooCommerce probably needs no introduction, especially within the community of budding entrepreneurs. It is a free eCommerce plugin available for WordPress that allows users to sell anything with ease and flexibility. It is currently the most popular plugin with 11.1 million downloads.
Benefits of WooCommerce:
1. It’s free
There are plenty of eCommerce CMS services in the market, but what makes WooCommerce stand out is the fact that it’s free of charge. This makes it easy for any one to open their online store, as long as you have your own WordPress site. This means that only minimal, or in fact, no commitment is needed from users. Now, everyone can start their own online store.
2. Simple, yet Beautiful
WooCommerce marries simplicity and beauty seamlessly. Despite its ability to look professional and to include various toolkits, the site is extremely simple to use. You definitely do not need to be a technical guru to be able to operate the site well. This is a huge plus as budding entrepreneurs will not be restricted by technical efficiencies.
3. Galore of professional functionalities
Do not be fooled by the simplicity this plugin boasts. Despite it being extremely easy to use, there are many professional functionalities that WooCommerce has to offer. Users are able to create categories for their products easily and manage their inventory levels, shipping options and cart coupons with convenience. There are also many other options which may be necessary for eCommerce that available to the users.
4. Customisable
Many look towards WooThemes to provide great customisable themes for WooCommerce plugins. They are reliable because of the constant updates, and often look amazingly streamlined and professional. Furthermore, for greater functionality, users can choose from a myriad of WooCommerce extensions relating to accounting, marketing, reporting etc. options. There is great flexibility for users who wish to scale up their business after a period of time.
Should you choose WooCommerce?
Some budding entrepreneurs may find it difficult to decide between the plentiful eCommerce CMS platforms that are available in the market. Thus, the question of whether WooCommerce is suitable for the company arises. Your company would find WooCommerce useful if:
  1. Your company already has an existing WordPress site.
  2. Your eCommerce site will have less than 300 items in its inventory.
  3. Your company prefers a site which requires no technical expertise.
  4. Your company is just starting out in the market and would like less commitment in terms of financial investments.
What do you think of WooCommerce? Leave your comments and thoughts below!
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