Why is Ecommerce popular today?

Many business owners sit around and think about whether they should venture into the field of Ecommerce. Undeniably, the market for Ecommerce has grown exponentially. To better understand the Ecommerce market and to determine if it is, or not, sustainable, I propose that we look at why ecommerce is so popular amongst consumers these days. Maybe then after this article, if you are a business owner yourself, you can find your answer as to whether Ecommerce will be beneficial to your business. Here are some reasons why we feel consumers adore Ecommerce:




1. Convenience of shopping

One of the greatest drawbacks about retail shopping in stores would probably be the time wasted travelling to town, getting stuck in traffic jams or the crowd, sticky with perspiration, swarming alongside you. What’s better than being able to purchase what you like, browse through catalogues to your heart’s content, from the comforts of your own home? This is one of the biggest attractions of online shopping to consumers; it brings comfort while shopping to a whole new level.

At all times


2. Accessibility

Of course, unlike brick and mortar stores, online stores never close; they do not have business hours. It’s 12am and you’re not done shopping? There’s no need to worry because consumers can shop all through the wee hours of the day, or basically, at any preferred time of the day. This is the magic of online shopping.



3. Ability to browse through online catalogues with ease

With online catalogues, you are able to browse through items even if they are out of stock. In physical stores, consumers cannot see items that are sold out, but with online shopping, they are able to view all items, regardless of their availability. If they really decide that they like something that is not available at the moment, they are able to leave their contact details for purchase when the item is back in stock.

Belt Italy


4. Ability to make global purchases

Another perk of online shopping is that consumers are able to make worldwide purchases, even if they are not there physically. Want a leather belt from Italy? You can easily find items like these online. Online shopping has brought the world closer together as consumers can still get to enjoy the special items from different countries without having to be there themselves. 



5. Ability to compare prices

Not only has online shopping brought worldwide stores closer to consumers, they have also decreased the distance between each store. Consumers no longer have to commute from store to store to compare prices or designs – they only have to jump between their internet browser tabs to compare different catalogs and item prices. This allows consumers to shop smarter and quicker, and is another reason why consumers adore online shopping.

Online shopping definitely has its perks. When online shopping first surfaced, people were hesitant; fearing buying clothes without trying them on or that quality will be compromised. However, many companies have introduced money-back guarantees and free returns, which has tremendously boosted consumer’s confidence in online shopping today.

What are your thoughts about online shopping? Will it be beneficial for your business to venture into ecommerce? Leave us a comment to let us know how you feel!

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